The details of our SEO (search engine optimization) services are coming soon! You happen to stumble upon us while we’re still putting up the drywall!

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a series of tasks and processes related to making your home building company’s website show up higher in search results. This includes both the Google Business Listing (the map listing where you see Google reviews and quick contact information), and the website itself.

SEO has a lot to do with proper website structure:

  • How it is built
  • The words you use
  • The speed of the site
  • How easy it is to navigate
  • How authoritative you appear

It also has a lot to do with how you’re connected to the greater web:

  • Business listings on a variety of other websites
  • Association listings like Home Builders Associations & Better Business Bureaus
  • Content created about the homebuilding industry that links to you as an authority
  • Content created about your geographic area that links to you
  • Getting positive reviews and responding to customer concerns within

With Home Builders Digital Marketing, we take care of all of these factors on-site, and off-site, to make sure your presence is strong and growing.

Check out our pricing packages to see what option is right for you!